The stars of Dragon Bane Asia

Dragon Bane Asia is a role playing game that involves multiple players on the go simultaneously. This makes the game all the more exciting and to a certain extent a tad bit more competitive. The star of this game has to be the characters offered and their traits. Now if one asks as to what makes the characters the star of the game one has to learn about the special features that are attributed to the main players of Dragon Bane.

the stars of dragon bane asia

Right at the beginning of the game, like in every other role playing game, one is given the option of choosing a particular character. Now each character has an attribute of his or her own. One character might be very skilled in combat while another might be learned in defence techniques. Thus there are various types of characters in the world of Dragon Bane. What makes these characters all the more interesting are the special features that they are endowed with. A character, depending on his or her progression in the game of Dragon Bane Asia, is given health, that determines his life term. The characters move through the game collecting crystals and a crystal score is determined on the basis of what crystal the character is currently in possession of. All the players who have attained the stage of VIP 3 are allowed a special benefit of morph. The morph is an option by which one can morph their Dragon Bane character into any other character. Now, this character will not only appear in the morphed form to the player but also to the other players as well. Thus morphing allows one to update or change the look of a character. One can also buy Dragon Bane Asia accounts to gain an edge over other players. With each and every update or even morph, every character is endowed with a special attribute.

Thus the flexibility of the character makes this MMORPG even more enticing.

The Great and Attractive Features of Kingsford Waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay is the proposed housing development scheme including 9 blocks of 16 storey Private condominium with 1157 units of residential apartments, 6 units of 2 story strata terraces, 2 units of semi-detached, retail outlets at basement with 1 story basement carpark, cellar auto stop, tennis court, swimming pool, clubhouse, childcare focus and common offices.

the great and attractive features of kingsford waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay is a new condo project brought to you by Kingsford development. Kingsford Waterbay Condo is found at Upper Serangoon See in District 19. Kingsford development has purchased 2 plots of land next to each other and is utilizing this 2 plot of land to create Kingsford Waterbay Condominium. The aggregate site zone comes up to a great 293, 806 sq ft of area. Kingsford Waterbay gives you offer to buy your own condo at 99 year leasehold near to Hougang MRT NE 14.

Why prefer Kingsford Waterbay?

  • Waterfront condominium and unblocked view of Sungei Serangoon.
  • Close proximity to educational institutions
  • Well connected to other parts of island
  • Communal, dinning, and shopping facilities
  • Surrounded by various kinds of niceties like healthcare centers, childcare centers, the future midtown, mall, and many more.


Future residents can head down for either Rivervale Plaza, Hougang Shopping center, Kang Kar Shopping center, Hougang Green Shopping center or Rivervale Shopping center for their eating, shopping and grocery needs. Alternatively, occupants can take a short commute to Conduit Point, a new and up and coming shopping center that is found comfortable at the Town Center.

Kingsford Waterbay’s is closeness to the Punggol Park which offers wide range of outdoor facilities for the whole family such as jogging, fishing, picnic spot, in water activities. For the education needs of the residents, Schools, childcare centers and kindergartens are also available in the area. Kingsford Waterbay is the ideal project for the families to invest for own condominium in Singapore.


If you try to buy a waterfront condominium, then Kingsford Waterbay is best option for you at affordable price. As the land shortage and land costs is major problem in Singapore. So, Kingsford Waterbay offers you multistory housing scheme at very reasonable rate. One should visit the project site to see all the features of the project.

Enjoy Life at Yishun Avenue Condo

Located at 6 Yishun Avenue and 9 Yishun Avenue, Symphony Suites is a resort style condominium that comes with all the best amenities available in the real estate market of the city. This condo is located in such place that you can commute to the city easily and at the same time you can enjoy the serenity of nature. Most of the modern facilities are available in this condo, whether it’s shopping marts or railway station or hospitals. Knowing a more things about Symphony Suites would surely let you decide the proud owner of a residential unit at this place.

enjoy life at yishun avenue condo

Basic facts

This condominium is developed by EL Development PTE Ltd or Evan Lim and Co. who has been developing such properties since 2006. They have successfully completed their earlier projects and focus to complete the present one by 2018. There would be 11 blocks with 15 stories in each block. If you want to get the best view of the city from your living area, and then just get any unit on or above 6th floor of the buildings, The buildings would be facing two sides, Some of them facing the Yishun Avenue 9 and the other facing Yishun Avenue 6.

Facilities available

The best part of living in Symphony Suites is that you can live amidst nature and yet get all the modern facilities out here. The area has been landscaped in such a way that you can encounter the fun of every season right inside the area of the condo. Apart from that you would get tennis court, Jacuzzi, child care centre and many more such facilities out here. It is located at few minutes away from the Yishun MRT station and thus commuting to the city would not take much time. Shopping malls and Educational Institutions are nearby making your daily life easier.

Why city gate of Singapore is best for holiday tour?

The city of Singapore is a beautiful city with diverse cultural backgrounds. The diverse and luxurious lifestyle makes living in the city of Singapore an enjoyable and attractive to many people all over the globe. But even with a diverse culture from the eastern countries the typical Singapore community still exists. The place is very much Asian but still the mixed diversity people put their national good before everything else. And the best place to stay in Singapore is the area near city gate residences.

why city gate of singapore is best for holiday tour

Peaceful city

Conflicts do not normally occur among people. They are quite people who go on with their lives. People imagine showing of anger is a weakness in you. This idea has made many different religious people to stay together without any conflict. Peace prevails over the whole city of Singapore. This makes economy of the country to soar high. You will never hear any news about Singapore being in any kind of conflicts. But you will always find all other countries in the news. Visitors are welcomes warm heartedly to their country.

Residential areas

Accommodation is not easy available in Singapore. Places are not so cheap and tenants tend to be of good quality. This is because most of the times even visitors tend to permanently settle down in Singapore. City gate residences is the most ideal place to get an accommodation.


This is the place if you want to live a life of less hectic. Connection to the city is good. Transport facility connects the suburbs to the main city. Katong village on the eastern coast is also very famous. For a calmer lifestyle, go to Woodlands near the border of Malaysia. People from this part of the city seldom go to the city unless they have to work.
Thus we see that though the city is a real peaceful place but the best place to stay in is the city gate.